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July 31, 2020
Japan Display Inc.

JDI Announces Development of a 30.2-inch 8K4K LCD (292ppi)

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) today announced the development of a 30.2-inch 8K4K (7680 × RGB × 4320 : 292ppi) high resolution TFT display.

High Brightness type (1000 ㏅/m2)

Wide color gamut type
(BT.2020 90%)

Photos are for illustrative purposes.
Display image provided courtesy of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers.

JDI is proud to announce the development of two new 8K High-definition displays. These displays are suited for medical use in such areas as non-laparotomy surgery (laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery), in addition to ophthalmology and brain surgery applications that require high-precision display performance to properly diagnose patients.

Additionally; these displays are ideal for color critical applications such as broadcast and publishing pre and post processing markets.

Two options are available depending on the application. First is the 1,000 ㏅ / m2 high bright version developed for world's top-class 8K resolution brightness. The second option achieves the world's top-class color gamut of BT2020 90% in 8K resolution (according to the JDI survey).

To achieve such high-definition image quality and high brightness, JDI utilizes LTPS technology for wide viewing angles and high contrast by means of IPS liquid crystal.

Samples are available this fall and mass production is targeted to start in the summer of 2021.

ppi = pixels per inch

【General Specifications】

  High Brightness Wide color Gamut
Display size 30.2 inch 30.2 inch
Resolution 7680 × RGB × 4320 7680 × RGB × 4320
Pixel density 292 ppi 292 ppi
Contrast 1400:1 1400:1
Brightness 1000 ㏅ /m2 500 ㏅ /m2
Number of Grayscale 1,073,741,824 color(10bit) 1,073,741,824 color(10bit)
Color wide gamut 85% (vs. the NTSC standard) 90% (vs. the BT.2020 standard)

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