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April 08, 2022
Japan Display Inc.

Kentaro Okuyama, Japan Display Inc.’s Chief Distinguished Researcher, Honored with 2022 SID Special Recognition Awards

- For contributions to the development of extremely high-transmittance LCDs -

Japan Display Inc.’s Chief Distinguished Researcher Kentaro Okuyama has been honored at the 2022 SID Special Recognition Awards by the Society for Information Display (SID), the world’s largest industry organization for the display industry. The distinction of SID Special Recognition Awards is conferred upon individuals who have contributed to technological innovation, achievement, and the advancement within the display industry. Dr. Okuyama was recognized for his contributions*1 in advancing the display field with his work on the world’s first highly transparent color LCDs*2. This technology was applied to JDI’s products, Rælclear™*3.

<Award Winner>

Kentaro Okuyama, Ph. D
Japan Display Inc. Chief Distinguished Researcher

<Comment from Dr. Okuyama:>

It is a great honor and a significant motivation to be awarded this Special Recognition Award by the prestigious and world’s largest conference and society. I am profoundly grateful to all project members who made a sustained effort against the technical challenges, and I greatly appreciate the support of all members inside and outside of JDI.
The developed highly transparent display will make a significant contribution in the creation of new and wider application such images on clear glass for Augmented Reality and enhancing the quality and smoothness of face-to-face communication.

<Special Recognition Awards>

Special Recognition Awards are presented to members of the technical and scientific community for distinguished achievements and significant contributions to the information display field.

*1 : For his leading contributions to research on, and in the development of, extremely high-transmittance, color, liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) using a newly developed polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal (PDLC) with edge-lighting and field-sequential color (FSC) driving, requiring no color filters or polarizers.

*2 : The developed highly transparent color LCDs show 87% transmittance and enables us to view clear images from both sides. These are significant and unique attributes.

【1】Okuyama K et al. Highly Transparent LCD using New Scattering-type Liquid Crystal with Field Sequential Color Edge Light. SID Symp. Digest. 2017;48:1166-69.

【2】Okuyama K et al. 12.3-inch Highly Transparent LCD by Scattering Mode with Direct Edge Light and Field Sequential Color Driving Method. SID Symp. Digest. 2021;52:519-22.

*3 : Monitor sets which are using high transparent color LCDs technology are available under HDMI connection and power supply. New application which utilize this monitor and captioning/translation system, which is prepared by another means, will enhance the quality and smoothness of face-to-face communication. Such a highly transparent display placed between two persons facing each other will enable them to confirm the translated results from both sides simultaneously, due to the high transmittance of the display, while seeing each other’s face, expressions, and body language. This is also significant, useful, and helpful for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

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