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Color reflective LCD modules for a wide variety of wearable applications, including sports watches, healthcare equipment, and action cameras. JDI’s low power consumption technology contributes to long battery life for wearable devices.

Product Lineup

Oct. 1, 2017
Outline Screen Size Number of Pixels
(W x H)
Pixel Density Technology Backlight
Round 3.4cm (1.34-inch) 320 x (RGB) x 300 238ppi MIP + Analog
video mode
Round 3.0cm (1.2-inch) 240 x (RGB) x 240 200ppi MIP without
Round 2.8cm (1.1inch) 218 x (RGB) x 218 200ppi MIP without
Square 3.3cm (1.28-inch) 176 x (RGB) x 176 194ppi MIP with
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