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Intellectual Property

Contribution to Value Creation

Enhance corporate value through efforts to create innovation, including the development of cutting-edge displays in support of digital transformation and environmentally friendly Green Tech, and through the protection and utilization of intellectual property.


  1. To maximize customer value through intellectual-property-driven technology leadership
  2. To create innovation and incubate competitive new businesses
  3. To grow corporate value through the proactive use of intellectual property

FY2021 Main Initiatives

  1. Promoting strategic utilization of intellectual property in the display field
  2. Leveraging research partnerships to drive innovation
  3. Creating a patent portfolio that is aligned with JDI's strategy and its business divisions' development roadmaps

FY2021 Results

Active Patents (as of March 2022)

Domestic : 3,270
Overseas : 8,443

New Patent Applications

Domestic : 472
Overseas : 588

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