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Light Field Display

Light field display reproduces the reflected light from an object that corresponds to the actual visible position, thereby realizing natural-looking images without any special 3D glasses. Just by ordinary viewing it is able to express extremely realistic images.
JDI's light field display aims to "make it look like there is a real object there." To achieve this, we have expanded the range in which 3D images can be displayed correctly and improved sense of 3D definition.

5.5-inch Light Field Display

17-inch Light Field Display

Prototype Specifications

Specification of based on display Display size 5.5-inch 17-inch
Number of pixels 1440×2560
Specification of Light Field Display Viewing Angle1 100° 140°
Brightness 140 ㏅/m² 100 ㏅/m²

1: The viewing angle is the range in which the 3D display can be viewed right and left

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