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Conformable Thin Image Sensor

Japan Display Inc. (“JDI”) has developed a thin image sensor that integrated low-temperature polysilicon thin-film transistors with high mobility and high-sensitivity organic photodetectors. This image sensor can measure same time not only pulse wave distribution, which requires high-speed readout, but also biometric information, such as fingerprints and veins, which require high-resolution imaging.
Integration on a flexible substrate is also possible, the sensor is light weight and bendable.

As for biometric authentication, it is expected that the sensor will be applied to high security authentication systems to prevent imitations and impersonations by obtaining both biometric information (fingerprints and veins) and biometric signals (pulse waves).

Table1. Specification to development sensor

Resolution 508(dpi) (50µmpitch)
Sensor area 1.26×1.28(cm²)
Readout speed Biometric signal
(pulse waves)
Biometric information
(fingerprints and veins)
Wave length for sensing 850nm

Figure 1. Sensing module using development sensor



pulse wave

Figure 2. Measurement result

Fingerprints and vein images have been processed to protect personal information.

The development sensor, it is showed these Figure1,2 and Table1, through joint R&D with the Someya Group of the Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Tokyo has received JST-Mirai Program Small Start Type (full-scale research ACCEL) (JPMJMI17FI) support from the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

Reference :T. Yokota et al., “A conformable imager for biometric authentication and vital sign measurement,” Nature Electronics, DOI: 10.1038/s41928-019-0354-7, 2020.

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