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Fabrication Service and R&D Support

JDI provides fabrication service and R&D support through use of our LCD development test line.
Complete support services including design, prototyping, analysis and evaluation are offered.

Thin film deposition, spin coating, photolithography and etching service

Inorganic and organic material are acceptable.
Processing accuracy of the deposition layer is in the order of micrometers.
Service provided for processing and analytical evaluation.

Machining service

Forming optical transparent plates with resin molding.
Precision prism lenses of the submicron order are possible.

Photos are for illustrative purposes.

Providing creative and innovative ideas

Open innovation utilizing our fabrication service is available.
Support services from R&D through fabrication.

Fabrication Content

Customized prototypes

JDI can meet the customer’s requests including design, processing, evaluation and analysis.

Deposition and analysis by JDI, Patterning by customer also an available.

Evaluate new processes

JDI will support the evaluation of novel materials or structures. JDI will discuss with the customer the new applications being considered.


Sensitive prototypes and information are protected.
A non-disclosure agreement will be prepared as necessary.

Open innovation

Support provided to enable the formation and fulfillment of customer’s idea.
Joint development and / or mass production after completion of the prototype can be realized.

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