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We are promoting fair and open trade with our partners as well as green procurement. Refer to the following for details and follow the procedures to contact us.

Procurement Policy

We have established the following procurement policies to ensure openness and the fair selection of business partners.

Developing Transparent Sourcing Practices and Strong Partnerships
JDI is working to become the best buyer in the world by promoting our open procurement system on a global basis. We work with our business partners to build trusted and profitable relationships.
Selecting Business Partners Based on Fair Evaluation
JDI selects business partners through a reasonable process that honestly evaluates their quality, price, delivery time, service, consistency of supply, and concern for the environment.
Adhering to Procurement-related Regulations
JDI complies with all relevant regulations when procuring materials in accordance with sound business practices.
Promoting Sustainability and CSR Activities In the Supply Chain
We contribute to building a sustainable society and work with our business partners on sourcing activities to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Request for Suppliers

We would like to ask every supplier to follow our requirements listed below, understand and work on Sustainability activities with our “JDI Supply Chain Sustainability Deployment Guidebook_ver3.0” prepared for a proactive approach. In addition, we request every supplier to encourage its subcontractor vendors to understand our procurement policy and meet our requirements.

  • 1. To comply with laws and regulations and social codes and practices.
  • 2. To give consideration to human rights and occupational safety and health.
  • 3. To be environmentally conscious.
  • 4. To continue sound business management.
  • 5. To ensure excellent quality of products and/or services.
  • 6. To supply products and/or services at reasonable prices.
  • 7. To ensure accurate delivery lead-time and establish a stable products/services supply system.
  • 8. To continuously strive toward enhancement of technological capabilities.

JDI Supply Chain Sustainability Deployment Guidebook_ver3.0 別ウィンドウ

Whistleblowing hotlines for suppliers

JDI Group has established whistleblowing hotlines for suppliers to report any violation of laws, contracts, or suspected improper transactions. Whistleblowing hotlines is supported by our commission lawyers. We handle both personal information and what is reported by whistleblowers strictly confidential, and only use for the purpose of factual investigation. Also, we prohibit the whistleblower receive any disadvantageous treatment merely by submitting the report itself.

<Eligible person(s)>
Suppliers' officers and employees (including contract workers, part-timers and temporary staffs) trading with JDI Group and its subsidiaries.

<Reportable conducts>
Report on any illegal, violation of contract, or suspected activity in the procurement transactions with the officers and employees of JDI Group and our subsidiaries.

<Procedure for report>
  • We accept supplier‘s report from the form below. We also accept any anonymous report. However, in the case of such as the insufficient information is provided, or it is difficult to confirm the fact due to no submission of document or evidence, there is a limit to investigate and take corrective action for the report.
  • For fair and impartial investigation, we recommend filling in your contact detail (such as e-mail address, phone number) to the form.
  • For your report, we recommend filling in concreate statement (such as data of occurrence, name of the person concerned, and detail of the violation or suspected improper action) as possible.
<Action for report>
  • Our commission lawyers receive your report, and they or internal person(s) in charge who has/have no involvement in the matter will conduct an investigation.
  • We will let you know that we have received your report, if it is possible.
  • We wil not report the result of such investigation except for when we deem it necessary. In addition, please note that we may refrain from responding to individual inquires at a later date.
  • We prohibit the whistleblower and suppliers receive any disadvantageous treatment merely by submitting the report itself.
<Handling of Information>
  • We handle both personal information (such as person's name, company name) and what is reported by whistleblowers strictly confidential, and only use for the purpose of factual investigation.
  • Further information about the privacy protections of your information can be found in Japan Display’s privacy policy.

Whistleblowing hotlines for suppliers

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