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We are promoting fair and open trade with our partners as well as green procurement. Refer to the following for details and follow the procedures to contact us.

Procurement Policy

We have established the following procurement policies for an open system and fair selection of suppliers.

Transparent procurement system makes the best business partnerships
We aim to be the best purchasers in the world by advancing our open procurement system on a global basis. Working together with our vendors, we are establishing trusting and profitable relationships.
Selecting vendors based on fair value
We select our vendors through a reasonable process that honestly evaluates quality, price, delivery time, service, steady supply, and the environment.
Adherence to procurement related regulations
We follow all relevant regulations when procuring materials, according to sound business practices.
Promoting sustainability and corporate social responsibility on supply chain 
We contribute to form a sustainable society, and work on procurement activities with our vendors to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Request for Suppliers

We would like to ask every supplier to follow our requirements listed below, understand and work on corporate social responsibility activities with our “JDI Supply-Chain CSR Development Guidebook” prepared for a proactive approach. In addition, we request every supplier to encourage its subcontractor vendors to understand our procurement policy and meet our requirements.

  • 1. To comply with laws and regulations and social codes and practices.
  • 2. To give consideration to human rights and occupational safety and health.
  • 3. To be environmentally conscious.
  • 4. To continue sound business management.
  • 5. To ensure excellent quality of products and/or services.
  • 6. To supply products and/or services at reasonable prices.
  • 7. To ensure accurate delivery lead-time and establish a stable products/services supply system.
  • 8. To continuously strive toward enhancement of technological capabilities.

JDI Supply-Chain CSR Development Guidebook 別ウィンドウ

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