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May 9, 2019
Japan Display Inc.

Development of Flexible Fingerprint Sensor

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) today announced that it has developed a capacitive-type flexible fingerprint sensor by integrating its capacitive-type glass-based fingerprint sensor technology and flexible display technology.

Capacitive-type flexible fingerprint sensor
Capacitive-type flexible fingerprint sensor
Smart card usage
Smart card usage

JDI has been developing large-sized sensors and transparent sensors that enhance product design by taking further advantage of the features of glass-based fingerprint sensors currently being mass-produced. A very thin plastic, only several tens of microns thick, is used for the substrate on which the fingerprint sensor is formed, resulting in a flexible fingerprint sensor that is thin, lightweight, and that does not crack when bent.

In order to perform highly-reliable personal authentication with a smart card, it is necessary to mount a large-sized fingerprint sensor capable of detecting the entire fingerprint, however a silicon fingerprint sensor is limited in sensor size in order to avoid cracking when bent. On the other hand, JDI's flexible fingerprint sensor can achieve a large area, which cannot be realized with a silicon fingerprint sensor, making it easier to enhance security.

Smart door locks and personally-authenticated IoT (Internet of Things) devices can be more easily designed with form-curved shapes by taking advantage of the flexibility of JDI's flexible fingerprint sensor, and can be made into products that have unique design features. Using a plastic substrate also prevents cracking of the substrate when dropped, making the flexible fingerprint sensor suitable for portable equipment.

[Specifications of the Product]

Sensor type Capacitive
Active sensor size Approx. 10.5mm × Approx. 14.0mm
Gradation 256

The new capacitive-type flexible fingerprint sensor will be demonstrated in JDI's booth #1027 at The Society of Information Display (SID) "Display Week", at the San Jose Convention Center, May 14 - May 16, 2019, in San Jose , California, USA.


San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA
May 12 (Sunday) - May 17 (Friday), 2019

SID's Display Week is the premier international event for the electronic display industry, where breakthrough technologies are introduced. Display Week offers synergies unparalleled by any other display event, comprised of attendees and exhibitors representing the foremost display - engineering talent from all around the world, as well as business leaders representing both the commercial and consumer markets.

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