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August 24, 2020
Japan Display Inc.

Commenced Mass Production of FBI PIV Certified
Glass-based Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) (President, Representative Director, and CEO Minoru Kikuoka) has begun mass production of two types of glass-based capacitive fingerprint sensors certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Fingerprint sensor built onto LTPS glass substrate

Glass-based Capacitive fingerprint sensor module
(left side: new product (1); right side: new product (2))

Large-sized fingerprint sensors that have larger sensing area than conventional devices have started to become widely used in China, India, North America and Europe to enable more reliable personal identification at government agencies, financial institutions and educational institutions and are forecast to expand in the future. JDI products that use a glass substrate for capacitive fingerprint sensors used in compact and thin devices can achieve a large sensing area with fewer cost than silicon products with enhancing security.

JDI started mass production of capacitance type glass fingerprint sensor modules for smart door locks in December of 2018, JDI also has been collaborating with Image Match Design Inc. (iMD), a Taiwanese fingerprint sensor manufacturer, to develop two products that have received PIV※1 certification from the FBI in the US, and JDI has begun mass production in its Higashiura Plant.

About 1,000 fingerprint sensors manufactured by over 160 companies worldwide have been certified by the FBI in the US. By receiving this certification, it can be guaranteed that the fingerprint image obtained with the sensor is high quality and is compatible with NGI※2 authentication and specialist vendors that handle fingerprint authentication in a variety of situations.
JDI provides the sensor glass substrate for these products and iMD produces and sells the module.
JDI also plans to sell the module to the West North America and Europe through its group sales network.

※1 PIV:
Personal Identity Verification, Image Quality Specifications for single finger capture devices
※2 NGI:
Next Generation Identification by the FBI

【 Overview of Product Specifications 】

Existing product New product (1) New product (2)
FBI PIV certification Not certified PIV certified
(applicable of FAP10※3)
PIV certified
(applicable of FAP30※4)
Sensor type Capacitive Capacitive Capacitive
Effective sensor size 10.4 × 13.9 mm (0.7 inches) 12.8 × 18.0 mm (0.9 inches) 20.3 × 25.4 mm (1.3 inches)
Gradation 256 256 256
Resolution 192 × 256 256 × 360 400 × 500
Pixel density 466 dpi※5 508 dpi 500 dpi
Start of mass production Dec-18 Jul-20 Mar-20
※3 FAP10:
Certification category for devices that have a fingerprint sensor with a size of 0.5 (W) × 0.65 (H) inches (12.70 (W) × 16.51 (H) mm) or larger
※4 FAP30:
Certification category for devices that have a fingerprint sensor with a size of 0.8 (W) × 1.0 (H) inches (20.32 (W) × 25.40 (H) mm) or larger
※5 dpi:
Dots per inch

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