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LumiFree-Equipped Luminaires Used at Tokyo National Museum Exhibition
“Family Gallery Decorating Chūson-ji Temple”

LumiFree , which we began mass production and shipment in July 2023, is a product that makes it possible to control the light distribution characteristics of LED luminaires, something that has been difficult to do until now. Luminaires equipped with LumiFree have been used for lighting at the Tokyo National Museum for the first time.
Family Gallery Decorating Chūson-ji Temple
Venue: Japanese Gallery (Honkan) Room T2
Period: January 23, 2024 [Tue] - March 3, 2024 [Sun]
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This fixture was used to illuminate exhibits displayed in a wall display case, and the wide, horizontal, soft light realized by the LumiFree-equipped luminaire was highly rated by the curators for its unprecedented effect on exhibit lighting.

Lighting Fixture Used
Toki Corporation Dynamic Adaptive Spotlight

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