LumiFree “be Free Lighting, be Beautiful for the World”

LumiFree is a product that brings innovation to luminaires, has been developed with that feature in its name.

LumiFree makes it possible to control the light distribution characteristics of lighting at any given time, enabling the delivery of exactly the right amount and shape of light at exactly the right time and place.

JDI is working to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by improving the way people experience illuminated people, places, and objects through breakthrough lighting effects and by reducing emissions and light pollution caused by the excessive use of lighting.

Mechanism of LumiFree

LumiFree controls the light distribution characteristics of luminaires by changing the refractive index of a newly developed liquid crystal material.

  • Control of Light Distribution Characteristics

With LumiFree, light can be freely controlled and shaped along both the vertical and horizontal axes. This means that not only can light distribution characteristics be changed after both production and installation but that vertically stretched, horizontally stretched, and elliptical shapes, difficult to produce with conventional luminaires, can be realized.

  • Variable Control of Light Distribution Characteristics

In addition, because LumiFree has the advantageous characteristics of LCDs like low noise, fast response, thin design and long life, JDI believes that this technology can be used in a wide range of lighting fixtures for both general and professional use.


Line UpΦ20Φ50Φ92.8
Active Area 20.0mm × 20.0mm 50.0mm × 50.0mm 92.8mm × 92.8mm
Size 31.2mm × 30.7mm 61.2mm × 61.2mm 103.5mm × 103.5mm
Start of Mass Production TBD Scheduled for April 2023 TBD
Samples Available
(Limited in Japan)
(Limited in Japan)
(Limited in Japan)

Reference: News Release

July 31, 2023
JDI Commences Mass Production of World’s First LED Free-Lighting Technology LumiFree

February 21, 2023
JDI to Exhibit LumiFree, the World’s First LED Free-Lighting Technology, at LIGHTING FAIR 2023

October 31, 2022
JDI Develops LumiFree, World’s First LED Free Lighting Technology

October 31, 2022
LumiFree LED Free Lighting New Product Announcement

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