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Low Power Consumption


To comply with customers' requests for high-performance and high-functionality in applications such as smartphones and digital cameras, displays with larger screen sizes and higher resolutions are required. However, to support this trend, the power consumption of the display tends to increase, though both display performance improvement and low power consumption improvement are expected at the same time.

In conventional LCD, each pixel comprises RGB (red, green and blue) sub-pixels. All colors are expressed with these RGB sub-pixels. WhiteMagicTM features an extra W (white) sub-pixel added to the RGB sub-pixels to improve transmittance in order to either enhance display surface brightness or reduce backlight power consumption. WhiteMagicTM analyzes image data entered with a display driver IC for conversion into RGBW data and to control the backlight. With the screen brightness setting equivalent to the level achieved with the traditional RGB display, WhiteMagicTM reduces backlight power consumption by as much as around 40% without deterioration in image quality.

Diagram of WhiteMagicTM and conventional LCD

Comparison between WhiteMagicTM and conventional LCD

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