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Thin and Light Structure

Pixel EyesTM

Touch functionality is an essential technology for smartphones and tablets. JDI developed an LCD module with integrated capacitive multi-touch functionality (Pixel EyesTM), and has started its mass production for smartphone and digital camera applications. For the purpose of detecting changes in capacitance following touch operations, conventional touch panels formed Tx (= Transmitter) and Rx (= Receiver) layers on an external touch panel module. In Pixel EyesTM, the Rx function is incorporated into the shielding layer on the color filter substrate while the Tx function is incorporated into the common electrode on the TFT substrate. Thus, the touch panel function is integrated in the display. Since it eliminates the need for an external touch panel, thinner and lighter LCD modules are achievable. Furthermore, Pixel EyesTM contributes to improvement of visibility by eliminating the discrete touch panel module.

Diagram of Pixel Eyes TM and conventional LCD

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