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October 22, 2007

IPS Alpha Technology develops market leading IPS LC Panels for Low Power Consumption TVs

IPS Alpha Technology Ltd. ( "IPS Alpha" / President and Director: Mr. Fumiaki Yonai) today announced it has developed IPS LC panels (the IPS Alpha Panels) for 32" and 37" model TVs, in which the backlight consumption power is reduced by 30% or more compared to conventional products. The development of environmentally beneficial technologies highlights IPS Alpha's commitment to green issues.

The IPS Alpha Panels with IPS-Pro technology, featuring a high transmittance ratio and low power drive, have achieved the industry's leading low power consumption since the start of manufacturing in May 2006. The backlight power consumption has been further reduced by 30% or more compared to existing products, achieving the world's best class low power consumption for LC panels for 32" TVs(*1). This has been achieved by improving the pixel transmittance ratio and optimising the structure of the lamp style backlight.

There are plans to exhibit these new IPS Alpha Panels for low power consumption TVs at the "FPD International 2007" exhibition held in Pacifico Yokohama from October 24, 2007.

(*1) Researched by IPS Alpha Technology.

Comparison of backlight consumption power between the new IPS Alpha panels and existing products(*2)

Size Resolution Consumption power of
new products
Consumption power of
existing products
Reduction rate
32" model High-vision: (1366 [horizontal] x 768 [vertical]) 56W 95W 41%
37" model Full high-vision (1920 [horizontal] x 1080 [vertical]) 84W 120W 30%

(*2) When a white screen with luminance of 500cd/m2 is displayed stably.

About IPS LC and IPS Alpha Panels

IPS LC is an abbreviation of In-Plane-Switching (i.e. horizontal electric field) TFT LC and an LC mode with high image quality, which facilitates the display of "beautiful pictures from any angle." The IPS method is based on the inclusion of a wide viewing angle, with features giving flat color tones from any viewing position, and which allows images to appear naturally from any viewing angle. In particular, the company has realized the IPS-Pro technology(*3) with higher image quality developed for TVs, transmittance 1.8 times and contrast ratio 4.5 times superior to those of the early IPS method respectively. IPS Alpha distributes panels produced using this technology as "IPS Alpha Panels" worldwide.

(*3)In-Plane Switching Provectus: Provectus means "innovation" in Latin