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November. 15, 2013

JDI Reports Results of Soil Investigation and the
Implementation of Countermeasures at Mobara Plant

TOKYO, November 15, 2013-Japan Display Inc. (JDI) has completed a voluntary investigation of the soil and groundwater at its Mobara Plant in Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture, pursuant to Japan's Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act, as part of its plan to demolish certain unused buildings with low earthquake resistance on the site. The results of the investigation, including planned countermeasures, have been reported to Chiba Prefecture. While some areas of concern were found, as summarized below, based on the investigation JDI believes that soil and groundwater contamination has been appropriately contained and that proper environmental measures are being taken. JDI will continue to cooperate with Chiba Prefecture to take any additional necessary countermeasures.

Investigation Results (brief overview)
1. Volatile organic compounds comply with the standards at all spots investigated.
2. Heavy metal measurements that exceeded contamination limits and maximum concentration levels are as follows:

Limit-exceeded material Soil Groundwater(mg/L)
Elution amount (mg/L) Contained amount (mg/kg)
Max. c Criterion Max. c Criterion Max. c Criterion
Cadmium and its compounds 0.033 0.01 or less 200 150 or less NE 0.01 or less
Hexavalent chromium compounds 0.064 0.05 or less NE 250 or less NE 0.05 or less
Total mercury and its compounds 0.17 0.0005 or less 230 15 or less NE 0.0005 or less
Lead and its compounds 1.8 0.01 or less 8500 150 or less NE 0.01 or less
Arsenic and its compounds 0.16 0.01 or less 490 150 or less 0.011 0.01 or less
Fluorine and its compounds 39 0.8 or less 46000 4,000 or less 30 0.8 or less
Boron and its compounds 2 1 or less NE 4,000 or less NE 1 or less

*NE: Not exceeding limits

Voluntary Countermeasures
- Construction period: December 2013 to December 2015 (scheduled).
- Description of work: Excavation and disposal of soil that exceeds contamination limits, or implement containment measures (impermeable wall, paving), etc. on the Plant premises.
- Continuation of groundwater pumping at boundary of the site to avoid the spreading of contaminated groundwater off of the premises.

General outline of Mobara Plant
- Established: 1943
- Location: 3300 Hayano, Mobara-shi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
- Site area: Approximately 369,000m2

About JDI
Japan Display Inc. is one of the world's leading providers of small- and medium-sized display panels. JDI was formed in March 30, 2012 by display manufacturing subsidiaries of Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba. Current shareholding of the company is approximately 70% by Industrial Network Corporation of Japan and approximately 10% each by the former parents of the subsidiaries. The company provides advanced displays, such as displays with high-definition, low-power-consumption and a thin structure, for use in smartphones, tablet PCs, automotive devices, digital cameras, medical equipment and other electronic devices.

The information contained in this press release is accurate as of the date of issuance and is subject to change without notice. Information in this press release, other than statements of historical fact, constitutes forward-looking statements, which are based on available information, operating plans and projections about future events and trends. Forward-looking statements inherently involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those predicted in such forward-looking statements.

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