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January 09, 2014

Japan Display Inc. Announces Mass Production Start of Ultra-low Power Consumption
Memory-In-Pixel Reflective-type LCD Module

January 09, 2014 (Tokyo, Japan): Japan Display Inc. (JDI), a global leader in mobile display technologies, announced the start of mass production of a Memory-In-Pixel (MIP) reflective-type LCD module which realizes ultra-low power consumption. Since the display consumes very little electricity it is suitable for ultra-low power applications, like wearable devices, which are not recharged for long periods of time. In addition, a newly-developed scattering layer contributes to bright and crisp reflective-type images.

Since the new reflective-type display shows images by reflecting light it does not require a backlight, which typically contributes to approximately 80%* of the power consumption of an LCD module. Furthermore, since the MIP structure can keep screen images in the static random access memory transistor fabricated in each sub-pixel, in the case of still images, once data is written it is kept, and ultra-low power consumption is achieved. The new scattering layer optimizes the panel's optical design, and enables a near paper-like display.

The color display will support development of new applications like wearable devices, smart watches, e-readers, etc., since the ultra-low power consumption display is able to relieve the battery load while maintaining good outdoor visibility.

JDI will be leading the electronic display industry by supplying LTPS, IPS, MIP, WhiteMagicTM, Pixel EyesTM in order to meet users' demands for small- and mid-sized displays that provide high resolution, high picture quality, and thin and light structure, with low power consumption.

  0.99" 1.39"
LCD mode Reflective-type ECB Reflective-type ECB
Reflectance(typ.) 32% 32%
Contrast ratio(typ.) 20 : 1 20 : 1
Number of Pixels 180 × 180 205 × 148
Resolution density 182 ppi 182 ppi
Number of colors 64 64
Still image 0.13mW 0.13mW
1Hz moving 0.16mW 0.16mW

* Based on JDI's investigation

WhiteMagicTM and Pixel EyesTM are trademarks of Japan Display Inc.

About JDI
Japan Display Inc. is one of the world's leading providers of small- and medium-sized display panels. JDI was formed in March 30, 2012 by display manufacturing subsidiaries of Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba. Current shareholding of the company is approximately 70% by Industrial Network Corporation of Japan and approximately 10% each by the former parents of the subsidiaries. The company provides advanced displays, such as displays with high-definition, low-power-consumption and a thin structure, for use in smartphones, tablet PCs, automotive devices, digital cameras, medical equipment and other electronic devices.

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