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January 19, 2017

Japan Display Inc. Announces Mass Production of Advanced 5-inch Class

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January 19, 2017 (Tokyo, Japan) - Japan Display Inc. (JDI) today announced the mass production start of an advanced 5-inch class low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) LCD module with wide quad-HD resolution format (WQHD, 1440×2560 pixels).

In this newly-advanced LTPS module, JDI has reduced LCD panel power consumption in this high resolution WQHD format.
In conventional LCD modules, display flicker at low refresh frequency (30Hz) has been a problem. JDI has solved this problem in this new module by adopting new materials. With these improved materials, LCD driving frequency can be changed from 60Hz to 30Hz depending on the display image signal without affecting the image quality, and correspondingly the panel power consumption may be reduced, too.

In addition, this LCD module is JDI's proprietary second-generation Pixel EyesTM which has thinner borders, a deeper black level, and can even operate with wet fingers.

Furthermore, the driver IC in this LCD module has an embedded upscaling function* from FHD to WQHD, making it possible to display WQHD images from an inherently-designed FHD system.

Lastly, JDI is committed to continuously offering superior display products featuring advanced technologies, based on our core LTPS technology.

* The LCD will automatically convert a FHD image to a WQHD image
(WQHD images can be displayed using a FHD chipset)

Display size  5-inch class
Number of pixels  1440(×RGB)×2560(WQHD)
Resolution density  Over 500ppi
LCD driving frequency  60Hz/30Hz
Driver IC  FHD→WQHD, with upscaling function
In-cell touch  second-generation In-Cell(Pixel EyesTM)
LCD mode  Photo-Alignment IPS(IPS-NEOTM)
Surface luminance  500cd/m2(Typ.)
NTSC ratio  96% (Typ.)
Contrast ratio  1500:1 (Typ.)
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"Pixel Eyes" and "IPS-NEO" are trademarks of Japan Display Inc.

About Japan Display Inc.
Japan Display Inc. (JDI) is a leading global manufacturer of advanced small- and medium-sized LTPS LCDs. By leveraging its advanced technologies and the world's largest LTPS LCD production capacity, JDI provides high resolution, low power consumption and thin displays for smartphones, tablets, automotive electronics, digital cameras, medical equipment and other electronic devices. JDI, which commenced operations in April 2012, was formed through the consolidation of the display panel businesses of Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba. The company's common stock is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with the securities code number 6740. For more information please visit: https://www.j-display.com/english/.

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