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November 30th, 2018
Japan Display Inc.

Application of ultimate low power consuming reflective type LCD for smart bus stops

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) today announced that it will now be working to provide 32 inch reflective LCD in smart bus stops being promoted by the Nishitetsu Group and YASUKAWA INFORMATION SYSTEMS CORPORATION, utilizing ultimate low power consumption technology for reflective type LCD, allows for the realization of smart bus stops, working with the solar panels and batteries, even in bus stops that have no external power source.

Smart bus stop test site
【 Smart bus stop test site 】

The tasks of replacing all of the paper-based time tables for each bus stop requires people to work outside of operational hours, leading to a negative impact on the labor conditions in the bus operations and pressure on costs. While the smart bus stops, which allow a replacement of movie info, through communications resolve this issue, over 70% of the bus stops in Japan do not have power source, the lack of such external power sources has been the neck in promoting smart bus stops.

The 32 inch ultimate low power consumption reflective type LCD, developed by JDI, we have been able to achieve a level of power required to 1/500※1 of the transparent type LCD that are normally used outside. As such, by working in combination with solar panels and batteries, we are able to synergize digital displays with communication platforms, thus making it possible to develop smart bus stops, even where they have no external power source.

The displays in smart bus stops are not limited to the basic usages of displaying easy to read timetables or information that is updated often. But it is also possible to be used for various purposes, such as route maps, bus location information, ads, community information, as well as critical information, such as disaster information etc., providing valuable information for the community citizens, around the bus stops, as well, and not just the riding customers.

JDI's 32 inch ultimate low power consumption reflective type LCD went through a testing period at Meiwamachi bus stop in Kitakyushu, from August of 2018, as we started to officially participate in the smart bus stop assembly, promoted by the Nishitestus Group and YASUKAWA INFORMATION SYSTEMS CORPORATION. Going forward, we will increase the number of test sites, in Kitakyushu, and will gradually install the 32 inch ultimate low power consumption reflective type LCD modules from 2019 onwards.

JDI, utilizing this technology, will proactively proceed to develop off-grid displays (displays for outside, where there is no external power source), beginning with smart bus stops.

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