News Release: The former Hitachi Displays

October, 11 2006

Hitachi Displays Develops and Commences Commercial Production of Transflective IPS LCD for Mobile Phones

Hitachi Displays, Ltd. (Executive President Kazuhiro Mori) has developed and recently commenced commercial production of a Transflective IPS LCD module for mobile phones. The aim was to develop a thin panel with improved outdoor visibility, plus high picture quality and a wide viewing angle, and to achieve this, we employed the world first Transflective IPS-Pro system. The new product improves visibility in bright outdoor conditions to meet increasing demand for mobile phone applications including TV reception

The Transflective IPS LCD module developed on this occasion and now in commercial production provides improved visibility in bright outdoor conditions using a reflection unit fitted to the picture element structure, so that reflections from bright outdoor lights lighting up the LCD can also be used for displaying images. As a result, images are generated in the usual manner by transmissive lights from the backlight in indoor environments where the brightness is comparatively low, and illuminated by reflective lights in bright outdoor conditions.

To date we have developed medium- and small-sized IPS LCD panels for applications from LCD TV sets and digital cameras to mobile phones and on-board equipment, based on our belief that IPS technology is a viable means of achieving high quality pictures. In the course of our development work, we learned that customer demand for Transflective IPS was high, and decided to develop a commercial product.
This product is a result of our endeavors to improve brightness, and our research on reflection structures using IPS-Pro technology, as well as the improved manufacturing precision of micro fabrication. By separating optics of the reflection and transmission units of picture elements, wide viewing angle and high quality picture equal to transmissive IPS are achieved, while a thinner panel (0.4mm thinner than previous models) allows a reflection mode.

Commercial production started on September 19 2006.

Major specifications (product name: TX06D70******)

Panel size 6.1cm (2.4-inch) 37mm x 49mm
Pixel pitch 240 (horizontal) x 320 (vertical)
Display color 260,000 colors
Viewing angle Over 170 degrees (vertically and horizontally)
Contrast ratio 400 : 1
Thickness 1.6mm (metal frame excluded)

What is IPS technology?

IPS technology is a horizontally charging LCD technology that functions differently to conventional TFT LCDs. Hitachi, Ltd. unveiled IPS technology in 1995, and it has been used in commercial applications since 1996, evolving into Super-IPS, Advanced-Super IPS and IPS-Pro. Liquid crystal molecules rotate parallel to the TFT substrate when a charge is applied horizontally. This simple movement of molecules produces superior performance in terms of viewing angle, color reproductivity and response speed to halftones. IPS technology has been used for large 32-inch LCD television sets manufactured by Hitachi, Ltd. and Matsushita Electrical Industry. The picture quality of these sets is rated very highly.