News Release: The former Hitachi Displays

October, 11 2006

Low Power Consumption Technology Based Mobile IPS LCD Developed
- High-Definition Data Can Be Viewed Anytime, Anywhere -

Hitachi Displays, Ltd. (Executive President: Kazuhiro Mori) recently developed an IPS LCD for mobile applications, including mobile phones, which uses a new image processing technology (RCCS) (Note) to reduce power consumption. This newly-developed mobile IPS LCD provides high-definition data anytime, anywhere, with its low power consumption achieved by combining conventional IPS-Pro technology and RCCS.

Video contents such as terrestrial digital broadcasts are mainly composed of halftone images, causing the average luminance to be lower than on white screens. Because the luminance of backlight is usually constant, unnecessary power has to be consumed when dark images are displayed.

To improve this, the newly developed mobile IPS LCD is equipped with RCCS, which reduces power consumption by increasing the level of signals input to the LCD to decrease the luminance of backlight when dark images are displayed. Although power consumption depends on the images, around 20 to 50 percent reduction is possible. Even when the luminance of backlight is reduced, high-definition pictures can be displayed by optimizing gamma characteristics according to the analysis of the histogram of images.

Sample shipment of this product is scheduled for April 2007. The product will be demonstrated as a 2.8" high-definition (VGA) IPS LCD at FPD International 2006 held at Pacifico Yokohama from October 18 to 20.

RCCS (RGB Color Control System)
A technology optimized to IPS LCDs based on the backlight control technology developed by Renesas Technology Corp.

Major specifications

Panel size 7.2cm (2.8-inch)
Pixel pitch 480 (H) x 640 (V)
Display color 260,000 colors
Display mode Full-transmissive IPS
Viewing angle Over 170 degrees (vertically and horizontally)