News Release: The former Toshiba Mobile Display

October 6, 2003

Toshiba Matsushita Display Announces "Input display" successful in color imaging.

Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co.,Ltd. (TMD) achieved color imaging of the world's first input display, exhibited and taken notice at this year's EDEX. The sample will be shown at CERTEC JAPAN 2003(Makuhari Messe) starting from October 7.

The integration of light sensor by SOG(System On Glass) advanced input display enabling image capture further, and development of software, such as reading, signal process and optimization of color balance allow rich color showing close to the original image.

On 8.9cm (3.5") diagonal low temperature p-Si TFT LCD, new internal process step is taken and circuit/signal process technologies were improved. During imaging, R.D.S.'s liquid pixels are read in orders and the information are individually taken and synthesized as a new internal process.

Colorization expands the range of application, and the variety of product lines are expected both for business/non-business use. Since external scanner is not necessary, one can enjoy reading a catalog, selecting goods by bar cord scanning in online shopping, and many applications are usable.

Regarding the low temperature p-Si TFT-LCD as core technology, TMD has pursued SOG strategy - at first, integrating driver LSI, parts of driving peripheral circuitry, and memory function into pixels. Then, colorization by innovative production sample of input function device was achieved this time.

Items Display functions Input functions
Size 8.9cm (3.5”) diagonal
Number of pixels 320(xRGB) x 240(QVGA) 960 x 240
Colors/gray scale image Color 262K Color picture quality
System Transflective type Two-dimensional optical sensor

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