News Release: The former Toshiba Mobile Display

September 29, 2004

Toshiba Matsushita Display Announces 32" low temperature p-Si TFT LCDs.

Toshiba Matsushita Display Technologies Co., Ltd. developed world largest 32" low temperature p-Si TFT LCDs(liquid-crystal-display), combined with the world first volume production, OCB(Optically Compensated Bend), and accomplished the world highest quality's TV panel.

Although Toshiba Matsushita Display Technologies Co., Ltd.'s 17”used to be the world's largest of low temperature p-Si size produced in volume production, it enabled to have the world No.1 size, 3.2 times wider than the previous one, having high quality TFT evenly on the display area dew to further development of the core technology,

It was in lineup and adopted along with the world first volume production OCB technology 23" a-Si TFT-LCD(amorphous silicon). High viewing angle, high fast response with less than 5m/sec., and black display period between image displays make possible high industry standard images by moving pictures.

This panel is aimed to supply for upmarket models making the most of high image quality. The volume production of 23" was already started in Ishikawa works(Nomi-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture). As for 32”, the production is also planned in AFPD, Singapore for high-end models.(thousands/month)

To respond for customer's needs, Toshiba Matsushita Display Technologies Co., Ltd. will develop the successful OCB to other products positively and about low temperature p-Si, further development will be accelerated for realizing future infrastructure technology early in mid-small products such as mobile, car-use, DVD, OLED.

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