News Release: The former Toshiba Mobile Display

March 26, 2007

Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co., Ltd.
Develops a New Input Display to Accommodate a Wider Range of Ambient Light Conditions
- Advanced Finger-Touch Input Display Now Available -

Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co., Ltd. (TMD) has succeeded in developing a new liquid crystal display (LCD) panel to accommodate a significantly increased range of ambient light intensities as experienced in actual operating conditions. The display is usable both in bright outdoor and in dark indoor environments. It is designed with the optimum layout of photosensors and enhanced signal processing functions achieved through the use of low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) technology, which integrates circuitry directly onto the glass substrate, to allow input on the LCD screen by two methods: by directly touching an icon or button on the LCD screen with a finger, or by directly writing onto the LCD screen with an optic-pen. This ability to operate in most operating environments, and to use either input method, will contribute to significantly improving the usability of existing Input Displays.

TMD has been allocating resources to develop SOG (System-On-Glass) technology, which enables implementation of various functions by forming circuitry directly on the glass substrate, taking advantage of the inherent characteristics of LTPS technology. In April 2003, TMD succeeded in developing the world's first Input Display. Since then, TMD has successfully introduced other developments that incorporate such technology into the market, including an Input Display with touch panel function in December 2004, an Input Display with optic-pen input function in September 2005, and an Input Display with two input capabilities, both finger-touch and optic-pen input functions, in October 2006. These demonstrated TMD’s ability to develop and offer technologies which answer the need for providing multiple functions in limited space, as required in mobile applications.

The newly developed Input Display is designed to accommodate a wider range of operating environment illumination intensities by having the ability to switch between the finger shadow recognition mode (recognizing shadows from the natural light) and the finger reflection recognition mode (recognizing reflections from the built-in backlight) with the aid of its quick-response driving circuits on the glass substrate, the improved sensitivity of its photosensors, and its enhanced signal processing functions. Consequently, the Input Display has become potentially more practical, since it can be used in dark indoor to bright outdoor operating environments.

The newly developed product will be exhibited at TMD’s booth at FPD International (Display 2007), an international exhibition and forum on flat panel displays, held at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan from April 11 to April 13, 2007.

Features Specifications
Screen size (Diagonal) 7.1 cm (2.8-inch)
Number of pixels 400 (H) × RGB × 240 (V)
Display Transmissive TFT LCD with 262K colors
Ambient light intensity
(for the input function)
0 - 100,000 Lx

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