News Release: The former Toshiba Mobile Display

May 14, 2007

Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Corporation Developed New Transflective TFT LCD Based on OCB technology
- Combining Transflective and OCB technologies, display offers wide viewing angle and fast response time, and viewability in direct sunlight -

Toshiba Matsushita Displasy Technology Corporation (TMD) has developed a 4.3-inch transflective1 liquid crystal display (LCD) prototype panel that combines optically compensated bend (OCB) technology, which offers both a wide viewing angle and a fast response time, and transflective technology, which assures high viewability in outdoor sunlight environments. The combination is a first of its kind in the LCD industry.

TMD has been striving to apply OCB technology into practical applications, due to its potential to enable LCD panels that offer both wide viewing angles and fast response time performance. TMD has created an innovative transflective optical design and driving system that optimizes performance in both the transmissive and reflective subpixel structure, which have different electrode configurations. With this new development, TMD has attained an LCD panel which assures high viewability and high video performance in either mode, transmissive or reflective, while ensuring features such as wide viewing angle and fast response time intrinsic to OCB technology. These features are in increasing demand in mobile applications, which must be easily viewable under a wide range of ambient light conditions. The newly developed module offers similar wide viewing angle and fast response time performance in the transmissive mode as achieved in existing OCB LCD panels, and also offers wide viewing angle and an ultra fast response time (2.4ms) performance in the reflective mode.

The new product has good viewability even in direct sunlight and assures a high grade of display quality in both indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, not only does it offer fast video display performance in ordinary temperature ranges, but also at low temperature ranges, thus accommodating various application environments, making the new LCD panel well-suited for mobile applications even when viewing still and/or moving pictures in an outdoor environment.

The newly developed LCD prototype will be exhibited in the Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC)* booth #1149 at the SID 2007 International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California, USA, from May 22-24, 2007.

Item Specifications of newly developed product
Screen size (Diagonal) 4.3 inch (10.9 cm)
Number of pixels 480 (H) x RGB x 272 (V)
Luminance 400 cd/m2
Number of colors 16.7 million colors
Feature Transflective type, with OCB technology

1. A transflective panel combines the advantages of both transmissive and reflective LCDs, and is achieved by optimizing the optical design of the transmissive and reflective regions found in the subpixel and combining the pixel structure with a highly permeable color filter. This design reduces the panel’s power consumption while maintaining high screen legibility under dark ambient lighting conditions, characteristic of transmissive LCDs with built-in backlights, and realizes high screen legibility comparable to reflective LCDs when viewed under an external light source.

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